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folio assists in easy portfolio creation, portfolio management, and catered portfolio showcase.

Onboarding & Registration

The onboarding process was simplified to reduce cognitive load on the user. Users will quickly get a sense of the value proposed through visual representations of what can be achieved with this app during two onboarding screens. After a simple signup process involving either Email/Password or 'Log in with Facebook', users are immediately brought to the dashboard where they can start experimenting. There are sample projects as a guide they can preview.

In the previous prototype, onboarding was paired together with profile creation, however, users became irritated with many input forms during the onboarding procedure. My initial assumption was that users want to build their portfolio, and that they wouldn't mind filling in many forms since their intent justified doing so.


However, I was wrong as users became impatient, and did not feel like investing so much effort in filling out information before they could see how it would appear in context.

On the other hand, users also wanted to get a sense of the type of portfolios that are possible before investing effort beforehand. In this iteration, there is a preview of a beautiful portfolio outcome on the first page- however given more time, I would incorporate beautiful examples of possible portfolio outcomes during the onboarding process.



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